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We Use the Power of Call Monitoring & CSR Training to Book More Appointments & Maximize Marketing Investments. You Can Too!

Do you know the answer to these questions?

  • Which of your company’s ads are producing calls?
  • Are your phone calls actually leads?
  • Are your leads closing? Why or why not?
  • What are your most effective selling points?
  • What can you do to recover lost leads?

If you don’t know the answers, you’re not alone. Most business owners are too busy strategizing for and operating their business to track every single phone lead and analyze each member of their call handling team’s performance. As you should be, if business is headed in the right direction!

However, evaluating the effectiveness of your advertising efforts and customer service team’s execution is critical if you don’t want to waste resources on ineffective ads or customer service strategies. That’s where we can help: Our team has carefully listened to and analyzed over 1.5 million phone calls between customers and customer service representatives (CSRs), and in the process we’ve learned how to evaluate your marketing efforts’ effectiveness and how your CSRs can book more appointments.

Which service would benefit your company?

Call Intelligence Reporting: Beyond Call Tracking Software

Do you know which marketing efforts are producing phone calls for your company? If so, what kind of leads are they producing—are they qualified? Are those leads being closed? Which of your CSRs closes the most leads, and what do they do differently than the rest of your CSRs?

With Call Intelligence Reporting, you’ll have access to far more information than traditional call tracking can provide; we listen to every single call and analyze them individually and on an aggregate level to provide you with actionable insights specific to your company and your customer service team. When you sign up for this service, you’ll receive easy-to-read reports that tell you:

  • How your customers are finding you
  • The volume of clients each marketing strategy produces
  • What percentage of calls from each strategy are leads
  • Why your leads aren’t closing
  • The true value of your marketing investments
  • And much, much more.

Call Intelligence Reporting will allow you to regularly audit your call handling team and make improvements to their performance, as well as your marketing strategies’. To get started with this call monitoring service, contact us or learn more about Call Intelligence Reporting.

Smart Selling: Call Monitoring and CSR Training Working Together

Customer service is not always common sense, and each phone lead is unique. To be prepared to convert each potential customer, your CSRs must possess a set of strategies that they not only know, but have the confidence to implement in every call.

Our Smart Selling program starts with an in-depth intake meeting where we learn all about your products, services, and call handling team. We then perform a detailed review of your call log, at which point we identify your CSR team’s strengths and opportunities. You receive a report two to four weeks after our intake meeting, complete with a detailed scoreboard used to track progress.

Our seasoned coaches then work one on one with your call handling team to apply Smart Selling concepts in practice call scenarios that are created and selected based on your industry and team’s needs. Through ongoing coaching and training, they will have the confidence to handle difficult phone calls, provide peerless customer service experiences, and convert more calls into appointments.

To start call monitoring and CSR training in order to provide exceptional service that creates loyal customers and book more appointments from your existing lead pool, contact us or learn more about Smart Selling.

Lead Recovery: Recover Lost Leads with Real-Time Lead Management

One way to achieve more appointments and sales from your existing lead pool is to “recover” them. This is possible if your call handling team calls a customer back after they inquire about your service but do not initially book an appointment.

Our team helps you do this by flagging calls with specific opportunities and details about unconverted leads, which your CSRs can then use to recover leads more easily. This allows you to take action quickly and maximize your chance of recovering leads.

To avoid missing out on sales opportunities and to ensure optimal customer service, contact us today or learn more about Lead Recovery.

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“The Smart Selling program has been worthwhile for our company. We’ve noticed a difference in the types of conversations our customer service representatives are having with potential customers and…”

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