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Lead Recovery

Recover Lost Leads with Real-Time Lead Management

A great way to make the most out of your existing lead pool (and therefore take full advantage of your marketing spend) is to recover lost leads. Leveraging our Lead Recovery service, you are able to do this when your customer service representatives (CSRs) call a customer back after he or she inquires about your service but does not book an appointment on the initial phone call. During these recovery calls, your CSRs will ask the customers if they are still in need of services and if they can help.

When your company signs up for our Lead Recovery service, we will flag your calls with specific opportunities and details about unconverted leads. Your CSRs can use this information to recover leads more easily by quickly taking action, maximizing their chances at conversion.

Common CSR Errors

There are a couple of practices you can implement right away to ensure that you don’t miss out on valuable leads, including:

Capture the lead information right away. Asking for a caller’s name, phone number, and location early on in a phone call is crucial if you want to avoid losing out on valuable phone leads. Our call tagging services enable us to recover these otherwise lost leads for our clients. Once, we helped a client recover a lead for a $30,000 commercial job!

Don’t pass off the call too quickly. Whether you transfer the call on to someone else or to voicemail, it is vital to make sure you know the customers reason for calling and all of their important contact information. Otherwise, you have absolutely no chance of recovering the lead!

Efficient and conscientious lead management is an important practice if you want to ensure that you are converting the maximum number of leads possible from your existing lead pool.

Real-Time Lead Management

To ensure that you are able to call a customer back as quickly as possible, our Lead Recovery team will tag your phone calls with opportunities four times a day, Monday through Friday. A wonderful perk of this program is that even if a customer does not book an appointment during the recovery call, your team still has the opportunity to show the customer

they are valued. This will make a unique and positive impression on the customer and ensure that they keep you in mind in the future. Remember, a world-class customer service experience can make the difference between a one-time customer or loyal and referring customer!

To avoid missing out on sales opportunities and to ensure optimal customer service by using our Lead Recovery program, contact us today!

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