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Customer Service Training Solutions for B2B Companies

Close More Leads While Learning How to Gain & Retain More Customers with Smart Selling!

Even in today’s digital world, many people prefer picking up the phone and calling a company directly when the need service or assistance. As a professional services company, we’re guessing a lot of your leads come through the phone.

Whatever your industry, one thing is certain: consumers will remember their interaction with the customer service representative who answered the phone. Did the representative sound happy to hear from them or annoyed that they called at a busy hour? Was the representative competent and able to accurately inform them of all the company’s relevant information, or was the representative not very helpful at all? Could they even reach somebody, or were they put on hold forever or transferred to voicemail?

Whether the consumer’s experience was a positive or negative one, it probably affected whether or not they chose to give their business to that company and how they feel about that company at this moment. Think about that for a second! That one interaction shaped their whole perspective of that company: Whether it’s able to help them, whether they want to work with it, whether they’d refer it to a friend.

The Smart Selling Advantage for Professional Services Companies

As a business owner, the way a customer would answer those questions about your call handling team should be of the utmost importance to you. A CSR is usually the first impression a potential customer has of your company, and they have the potential to be the last—making them arguably your most important sales representative. No matter what marketing channel a customer finds your number on, their calls will all go to one place: your customer service representatives. Ensuring that your CSRs provide world class customer service and are equipped with the skills to turn any lead into a sale will pay dividends, resulting in more booked appointments and sales and customers becoming loyal, raving (and referring!) fans. But how do you know how your CSRs are performing, and what can you do about it?

Our team has tracked, recorded, listened to, tagged, categorized, and analyzed over 2.5 million phone calls to find out the answer (many of which were in the professional services industry!). In that process, we have:

  • Discovered the most common CSR errorsthat lead to missed opportunities and the loss of booked appointments
  • Established effective approaches for closing sales over the phone on the first call
  • Developed phone lead management reportingthat can help you keep track of and improve both your marketing efforts and CSRs’ performance
  • Created proven methods for tracking and recovering lost leads
  • Refined customer service training programsthat are tailored to individual companies and CSRs
  • Developed proven methods for gaining and retaining customers for B2B businesses just like yours

In short, we have learned how to harness the power of call monitoring to vastly improve customer service experiences and greatly increase your return on marketing investments.

How Smart Selling Works for Training CSRs at B2B Companies

Our team believes in using data to guide strategy and realize measurable results. On that note, the Smart Selling process starts with gathering as much data as possible about your professional services business and your customer service team.

1. Gather Data

First, we will hold an in-depth intake meeting where we will learn as much as we can about your B2B company’s products, services, and call handling team. Our team will then review your call log in great detail—recording and listening to each of your inbound phone calls. This information will allow us to identify your customer service team’s key strengths and opportunities; for example:

  • Does your company get a lot of missed calls? If so, would it be helpful to add another CSR?
  • Does your team frequently encounter price shoppers? Do they know how to handle and convert them?
  • Do all of your CSRs understand your service offerings and service areas?
  • Are you losing potential customers due to long hold times?

2. Develop and Execute a Personalized Strategy

We will then break down our data by individual CSR, which will allow us to create unique goals for each phone call handler that we’ll work towards through one-on-one coaching sessions. Your CSRs will practice Smart Selling concepts during call scenarios that are specific to your industry and team’s needs, and we’ll keep track of their progress with detailed scorecards and regular reports.

3. Practice and Tweak

Finally, we will continue to utilize data from the reports to adjust our strategies as each CSR improves and evolves to the next level. Ultimately, Smart Selling CSR training is a long-term process that must be practiced repeatedly in order for customer service representatives to improve.

Gain & Retain Customers for Your B2B Business with Smart Selling

Our team can help your professional services company extract the most value possible from every phone call. To get started, contact us online or get to know more about us with the video below!

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